Wednesday, July 21, 2010

BongBastic Iridium - 2C-D was launched

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great news, just a few hours ago BongBastic started to sell their products and we can now buy BongBastic Iridium.

I report back as soon as I get further updates on 2C-D or BongBastic.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Chemical name: 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-Methyl-Phenethylamine
Other names: None


The compound 2C-D had been researched by Alexander Shulgin and described in the book "Phikal". 2C-D is a psychedelic substance from the group of phenethylamines. Low dosages are mentioned as nootropic substance, often it is also used in combination with other substances. The substance had been researched a little bit more intense than most other research chemicals, but still long term effects are unknown, so far none serious problems had been reported.

Ways of administration and dosages

2C-D is regular taken orally, it is also possible to insufflate the substance, but this leads to strong pain and is not recommended. Dosages in a range of 2-10 mg are described as nootropic, but data is limited. More common is the usage as psychedelic drug in dosages from 20 to 60 mg, experience users also often use higher amounts. Beginners shouldn´t exceed 40 mg or they risk a bad trip.
Insufflated the effects start very quickly, also only half of the dosage is required, but they last much shorter. Through the pain and quick start, the beginning of the experience is often uncomfortable and therefore not recommended.

Effects and side-effects

If 2C-D was taken orally, than the first effects come up after 20-50 minutes. In the first state the effects lead to a mood lift and stimulation, also colors seem to be brighter. It requires 60-90 minutes to reach peak, depending on the dosage 2C-D can create a very strong psychedelic effect. A lot of consumers of psychedelic drugs will find a lot of similarities during the trip. The body feels different, not uncomfortable, but different, often this comes with stimulation and euphoria. Of course like all psychedelics it has influence on all sensory systems of the body. Colors seem to be brighter, things seem to be a bit more fluid. The effects of 2C-D give a very clear feeling in mind, which makes it possible to have a conversation, thoughts also seem deeper than regular, but it can still also lead to hysterical and uncontrollable laughter. The main effects last up to 3 hours, the come down is pretty quick compared to common psychedelics, after 1-2 hours the consumer seems to be back to normal.

The experience seems to be very different in quality, depending on individual sensibility. Some people take high amounts, up to 150 mg and seem to have a very intense experience, they don´t agree that 2C-D is a good addition to all other psychedelics. But Alexander Shulgin described 2C-D as psychedelic tofu, it is good on its own, but not very unique. He said tofu is also a good substance, depending on the spices and oils used, the tofu enhances the taste of it.
At the beginning a consumption of several compounds should be avoided, the 2C-D should be tested on its own in lower dosages first.

Long term side effects are unknown, but it doesn´t seem to be especially dangerous. Sometimes people feel nausea, some even vomit at the beginning, but this is regular only the case if it was taken short after a meal. If inexperienced users take too much 2C-D, than there is the same risk as with all psychedelics, a bad trip could occur. This leads to anxiety, sometimes even panic, if 2C-D had been insufflated, than there also could be a nasal discomfort for several hours or even days.
The overall experience is often compared with 2C-B, but generally it is considered to be a bit milder than 2C-B, LSD or mescaline.

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